8 years exp.
front-end dev.
thought leader

Jordan Hauge

UX Consultant / CTO

Ahh, I see you've arrived, I've been expecting you.

I have 8 years of proven experience designing simple, engaging user experiences for software products.

Currently, I am leading the charge at Belouga, a software solution connecting classes worldwide, while assisting students in need.

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Belouga is a free online platform that connects classrooms around the world. Teachers are able to connect with other classrooms and have their students individually matched in order to share and collaborate with their peers around the world. Students are able to access guided content to help them connect on similarities and better understand differences. All the while, classrooms earn points for their communication that help support schools in need.

Mark Hauge: Sculptor Portfolio


Mark Hauge has been a professional fine artist for more than 40 years. He taught art at the k-12 level for 35 years and is now retired and living outside of Charlotte, NC. His talents span many mediums.

HV Sword Academy


En Zan Ryu translates into the style of the far away mountain. Through this art one can improve himself as a human being while he hones his sword technique. Our mission is to provide a safe place to train in the way of the sword, and provide some meaningful way for students to enhance their lives. We are committed to training our bodies, minds, and spirits through swordsmanship.